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Webinar: Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): Phenotypic vs. Target-Based Screening

The antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been addressed already for several years with sustained promises of filling-in the pipeline of antibiotics with true innovative starting points and approaches.

The webinar intends to motivate a revision of the way we feed the research funnel with new ideas, new biology and new chemistry. In an open discussion, the scientists will share their experiences in antibiotic discovery and give their own view on the impact of the starting points and approaches on their achievements.

Discussion Panel:
Eric Bacqué PhD. – Evotec, VP Chemistry & AMR Portfolio Coordinator
Santanu Datta PhD. – Bugworks, CSO & Co-Founder
Marc Gitzinger PhD. – BioVersys, CEO & Co-Founder

Moderator:  Albert Palomer PhD. – Pharmacelera, Member of the Board

Webinar topics:
Has phenotypic screening already explored the known chemical space?
– In which manner can we explore new and diverse chemical space?
– How to best design libraries tailored for antibiotic discovery following the accumulated knowledge?
– Are we effectively exploring new NP chemistry? Accessing new sources vs. new genetic-based approaches.
Have target-based approaches met the promised expectations in antibiotic discovery?
– Value of known antibacterial scaffolds with known molecular target.
– Importance of new (validated) bacterial targets.
– Turning IC50 into MIC values. Rules to penetrate the bacterial membrane.
Monotherapy, partial spectrum and broad spectrum. Unmet need and market dynamics.

Date and time: July, 9th at 11:00AM (CEST)

Dedicated registration link here.