BEAM Alliance, the European AMR innovation hub gathering biotech companies

BEAM Alliance, The European AMR innovation hub

gathering Biotech companies.

BEAM Alliance, focus on patients first, voices the needs of biotech companies

BEAM Alliance, Focus on Patients first,

Voices the needs of Biotech companies.

BEAM Alliance shares its views on the ongoing revision of the General Pharmaceutical Legislation

BEAM Alliance shares its views on the ongoing revision of the General Pharmaceutical Legislation

We call on policymakers to stop postponing decisions and either propose a clear incentive package now or reintroduce the TEE…


About us

Launched in June 2015, the BEAM Alliance (Biotech companies from Europe innovating in Anti-Microbial resistance research) represents over 70 small and medium-sized European companies involved in developing innovative products and kits to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR), including small molecule antibiotics, biologics, products with a prophylaxis indication, microbiome-based and phage-based therapies, immune targeting therapies, anti-biofilm agents and medical devices including in vitro diagnostics.

BEAM collaborates with the existing community of stakeholders dedicated to implementing tangible strategies. BEAM gives its members a unique voice to propose and support policies and incentives in antimicrobial research and development in Europe. BEAM recommends bold incentives that warrant action by policymakers to stimulate much needed innovation.

Why Innovate In Anti-Microbial Resistance?

Antimicrobial Resistance has now gained the spotlight from governments worldwide as an urgent threat. Back in 2016 the Davos Declaration also clearly demonstrated the commitment of the pharmaceutical industry to combating the challenge of AMR with signatures by over 100 companies and organizations. The BEAM Alliance was a key influencer in this declaration and, since then, has multiplied actions in outlaying the challenges associated with combating AMR from an industry perspective.

Developing new solutions to combat AMR is hampered by market failure as the corresponding products have costly R&D with low return on investment. A new paradigm to incentivize and encourage new products in the space is urgently needed and accompanying policies must embrace the vision of all the key players in the AMR sphere, particularly SMEs. Indeed, SMEs are collectively developing a broad portfolio of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic products but are struggling to survive owing to the significant lack of investment in the field.

The BEAM Alliance is advocating for SME-compatible policies that are flexible enough to incorporate the vast variety of tools needed to tackle AMR.

Get Involved, Join the BEAM Alliance!

Every new member makes the BEAM Alliance stronger. If you wish to join, you can apply here or contact us for any question!

Together with Full members, i.e. SMEs developing AMR products, we also welcome Associated organizations, whose contribution to the ecosystem is essential.
Associated organizations can be small or large, public or private, and they run activities against AMR (R&D, services, etc.). For the sake of transparency, Associated organizations do not influence BEAM’s positions and messages. NB: SMEs developing AMR products and offering services at the same time are categorized as Associated organizations.
We aim at easing the collaboration between skilled professionals for the benefit of product development; our Associated organizations’ booklet is here to help you find the expertise to match your needs.

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