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DEINOVE: Integration of CRISPR‐case9 technology to accelerate the discovery of innovative antibiotics

  • DEINOVE strengthens its expertise in the genetic engineering of rare and varied microorganisms to accelerate the discovery and optimization of innovative antibiotic structures.
  • The integration of the CRISPR‐cas9 technology into DEINOVE’s metabolic engineering platform opens up promising avenues for the identification, characterization and optimization of new clusters of genes with antibiotic activities.

DEINOVE (Euronext Growth Paris: ALDEI), a French biotechnology company that relies on a radical innovation approach to develop innovative antibiotics and bio‐sourced active ingredients for cosmetics and nutrition, announces that it has expanded its technological platform with an advanced genetic tool, the CRISPR‐cas9 system, to enhance its ability to optimize various microorganisms.

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