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CARB-X backs Centauri to advance a new platform that combines antibiotic power with the ability to boost the immune system to fight infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria

Centauri’s novel approach kills bacteria and redirects the immune system to selectively kill superbugs

(BOSTON, MA) – – CARB-X is awarding Centauri Therapeutics of Sandwich, UK, up to $1.4 million in non-dilutive funding to develop a novel dual-acting immunotherapy to treat serious infections caused by Gram-negative pathogens, including drug-resistant strains of Enterobacteriaceae, P. aeruginosa, and A. baumannii

“Centauri’s project is an exciting new approach to treating drug-resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections, and adds rich diversity to CARB-X’s early development portfolio of antibiotics, vaccines, rapid diagnostics and other life-saving products,” said Erin Duffy, Chief of Research and Development of CARB-X, which is based at the Boston University School of Law in Boston USA. “Projects in the Powered by CARB-X portfolio are in the early stages of development, but if successful, each offers tremendous hope and progress in the global fight against drug resistance.”

Mike Westby PhD, CEO of Centauri, said, “To receive funding and support from CARB-X is a fantastic endorsement and validation of the work we are doing to advance our lead MDR Gram- negative bacteria program, ABX01. ABX01 is highly differentiated from other products targeting this area and this funding will help to accelerate its progression in an area of significant and growing unmet need. We are pleased to be collaborating with CARB-X, a global leader in the development of antibacterial products and innovation, and excited by the prospects of what can be achieved together.”

The award will help Centauri continue the development of ABX01. The novel immunotherapy is in the lead optimization phase of development and is designed to re-direct naturally-occurring effector antibodies in the body to target and kill harmful Gram-negative bacteria. Novel features of ABX01 include broad spectrum efficacy against Gram-negative bacterial infections; direct and immune-mediated mechanism of bacterial killing; and an ability to harness and re- direct naturally occurring effector antibodies.

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