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BIO-Europe Spring 2022: 16th Annual International Partnering Conference delivered In-Person & Digitally

March 28–30, 2022, Basel, Switzerland
April 4–6, 2022, Digital Partnering

The sixteenth annual BIO-Europe Spring® 2022 conference will be held March 28-30 in Basel, Switzerland.

Over the last year, they launched this new way of partnering in the digital world and discovered its remarkable effectiveness in bringing the international life science community together to partner from anywhere in the world. That’s why their refreshed event approach will offer you two ways to attend BIO-Europe Spring® 2022.

First, their All-Access Pass will allow you to attend the event in person on March 28-30, participate in virtual one-to-one meetings on April 4-6, and gives you access to all on-demand content before and after the event.

Second, their Digital Access Pass will allow you to participate in virtual one-to-one meetings, April 4-6 and access on-demand content before and after the event. By marrying the best of the past with the new present, attendees can choose to partner onsite or digitally from home—gaining an equally valuable experience.

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