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BEAM’s statement on the EU Council Recommendation on AMR

The BEAM Alliance welcomes the publication of the proposal for a Council Recommendation on stepping up EU actions to combat antimicrobialresistance in a One Health approach.

The proposal examines AMR in a rather exhaustive way. It includes provisions on the need to strengthen national action plans, reinforce surveillance, infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship, and, of course, innovation.

The proposal lists a number of PULL incentive options which have been analyzed in great detail by a series of publications. Each option needs fine-tuning ed features to be effective, namely ensuring access AND rewarding innovation.

The proposal also addresses the question of PUSH incentives as a necessary complement to PULL mechanisms. Public funding is indeed highly needed to support AMR R&D, from basic research to preclinical and even clinical stages. SMEs play an instrumental role in the AMR innovation process, and; funding instrument should be tailored to their needs to become more efficient.

On all these aspects, BEAM stands ready to share the SMEs’ perspective.

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