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BEAM Alliance’s reaction to the ‘non-paper’ issued by 14 Member states on antimicrobial market incentives

Check out our latest position paper reacting to the recently released “non-paper” signed by 14 Member States and calling for novel stimuli to relaunch the antimicrobial market.

The Alliance appreciates the recognition by the signatory Member States that novel incentives are needed to fund AMR innovation; however, we are concerned by the lack of tangible solutions put forth.

Notably, the “non-paper” opposes the possible introduction of Transferable Exclusivity Extension (TEE) vouchers yet fails to, in our view, offer meaningful alternatives.

Recent studies and reports have demonstrated that the TEE is not a risky policy measure because it can be controlled and calibrated, provided it is coupled with a complementary access mechanism at the national level. Done correctly, it has the potential to meet the needs of regulators, industry innovators, and society as a whole.

The urgency to find a workable, pan-European PULL incentive mechanism is unprecedented. As such, we call for an open, evidence-based discussion on the best possible solutions to be implemented at the EU-level to which we stand ready to ardently contribute.