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Curious2020 – Future Insight

Curious2020 – Future Insight
Darmstadt, Germany
July 13-15, 202

In 2020 the Future Insight Prize will be given out in the area of Multi Drug Resistance to enable a visionary solution: A series of novel narrow-spectrum antibacterial agents that are able to cure any bacterial infection without induction of drug resistance, empowered by a one-hour diagnostic test.

Future Insight Prize 
Awarded for the first time in 2019, the Future Insight Prize will be presented annually for the next 35 years to honor outstanding achievements in science and technology towards groundbreaking innovations in the areas of health, nutrition, and energy.
The prize will come with a targeted 1,000,000 EUR research grant to the winner.
The awarding for the 2020 Future Insight Prize will be given during the Curious2020 – Future Insight Conference. The prize will be allocated in the field of multi drug resistance, for work laying the foundation for a later realization of the visionary dream product “Multi Drug Resistance Breaker”.

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