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Adjutec Kicks Off Exciting Microbiology and Chemistry Projects

Oslo, Norway, 30 August 2023 – AdjuTec Pharma AS is a privately held company developing antibiotic resistance breakers. The company is now starting important microbiology and chemistry projects with its lead compound APC148 supported by external grants.

A more advanced APC148 product was recently tested in antibiotic resistant superbugs. Initial results from the University of Oslo suggested significant improved efficacy compared to other leading antibiotic brands. The new product inhibits a broader range of bacterial enzymes that causes antibiotic resistance. Adjutec will expand on these investigations in collaboration with Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen. The project will support the on-going R&D program without delaying it. The program is supported by new patent filings in May 2023. The company is supported by Eurostars funding to pursue this exciting opportunity.

Adjutec has been granted NOK 2mill from Oslo County to investigate physico-chemical improvements of our lead compound APC148. This project may add significant value to the manufacturing process of APC148 as well as strengthen the patent covering the compound. Adjutec will collaborate with Kappa Solutions (Oslo) and RISE (Sweden) in this project, which will be completed by the end of 2024. The project is led by Prof Emeritus Rongved, who moved from a 50% to a full position as CSO by 1st August this year.

“These projects may add significant value to the APC148 project by strengthening competitiveness and reduce manufacturing cost. Positive results will position the product as a leading enzyme inhibitor brand on the market, targeting the most common serine-, and metallo-ß-lactamases”, comments CEO Bjørn Klem.

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