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Our Actions

Our Actions

Collaborating with the existing community of global stakeholders, the BEAM Alliance is fostering tangible policies and incentives for the discovery and development of novel antibacterial therapies and diagnostics in Europe. Two position papers have already been released.

Examples of BEAM’s action include the definition of criteria to better qualify products’ innovation, the support to PUSH & PULL incentives to reinvigorate the AMR R&D field. BEAM is also raising awareness about the critical role diagnostic is playing across the entire Global Action Plan on AMR.

Enlarging the vision of AMR innovation

A growing number of innovative approaches have been investigated to improve the fight against resistant bacteria, going beyond the sole antibiotic model. However, the wealth of medical benefits innovative antimicrobial products are delivering is hardly recognized due to a lack of established differentiation criteria. To help defining them, the BEAM Alliance is proposing a categorization of antimicrobial features from a patient-need perspective. This work is developed by a dedicated task force (named BTF-E).

Reinvigorating the AMR R&D field

Financial incentives are needed to help both implementing R&D actions (PUSH) and fixing AMR-related market failure (PULL). The implementation of appropriate PUSH and PULL financial incentives will be a crucial factor to enable industry to retain a focus on developing innovative AMR solutions.

Recently significant progress has been made to implement different PUSH financial incentives (e.g. CARB-X and BARDA initiatives). SMEs representing the core part of the AMR innovation pipeline, funding instruments should be designed to address their needs and complement the usual way companies develop their products. The BEAM Alliance is summarizing these key principles to help designing relevant funding vehicles, for example within the upcoming EU Horizon Europe framework programme.

The BEAM Alliance is also strengthening its call to action to implement different PULL incentives. Pilot programs aimed at gaining practical knowledge on utility of the many proposed theoretical incentive models are now critically needed. BEAM is urging governments and policy makers to follow the example set by the UK to start testing the viability and effectiveness of different PULL incentives.

Raising awareness on the critical role of diagnostic

The BEAM Alliance is advocating for an impactful better inclusion of dDiagnosis as part of the global AMR solution. Although some molecular, ID and phenotyping diagnostic (Dx) tests are already available and diagnosis procedures seem fully relevant, in particular with regard to the stewardship principlespolicies and guidelines, availability of funding and investment towards the market uptake of new AMR-related Dx is very low, jeopardizing the development of future solutions. A number of economic, scientific or practical reasons are responsible for the current situation and they need to be identified, understood and fixedaddressed.

The BEAM Alliance is in a unique position to support policies and incentives to identified issues, especially in Europe, towards the adoption on new Dx tools to combat AMR.  BEAM’s current network and know how will help engaging with European-based innovative SMEs in the Dx area to address the issues around AMR through both complementary and indissociable therapeutic and diagnostic perspectives. A dedicated task force is being built organized to approach the issues in a broad-minded way. Should anyone be interested to support this activity please contact us.