Polyphor Receives CHF 2.3 Million Award from Wellcome Trust to Accelerate the Development of a Novel Antibiotic Drug Class

February 9, 2017
Polyphor Ltd

Allschwil, Switzerland, February 09, 2017 – Polyphor Ltd. announces today that it has received a CHF 2.3 million award from the Wellcome Trust to advance the development of broad-spectrum, Gram-negative pre-clinical product candidates. These are based on Polyphor’s new product class, the Outer Membrane Protein Targeting Antibiotics (OMPTA), which has shown outstanding efficacy against the most resistant strains of Gram-negative pathogens. Wellcome is the world's largest biomedical research funding charity with substantial experience and commitment in antibacterial research and development. The Seeding Drug Discovery Award will help support the development of novel antibiotics over the next 18 - 24 months.

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