Destiny Pharma notes release of UK Government's Vision and 5‐year action plan to help tackle anti‐microbial resistance(AMR), which includes additional investment in innovation

Government's plan consistent with Destiny Pharma's objective of developing novel anti‐infectives from its proprietary XFplatform.

January 24, 2019
Destiny Pharma plc

Brighton, United Kingdom ‐ 24 January 2019 ‐ Destiny Pharma (AIM: DEST), a clinical stage biotechnology company focused

on the development of novel antimicrobial drugs, which address the global problem of anti‐microbial resistance (AMR),

notes the publication of the UK Government's 20‐year vision and 5‐year action plan on AMR which outlines how the

government will contribute to the global effort against AMR through optimising use of antimicrobials and investing in

innovation, supply and access.

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